Inspiration is everywhere. We just have to look for it. And that’s what I’m doing, for me, and for everyone that needs it.


I’m Christopher Swan and I’m on an adventure! I’m discovering inspiration in unexpected places, and I’m sharing it with anyone that needs a burst of hope, a creative spark, or help finding their true north. I’m uncovering smart ideas, meaningful stories, amazing people, and a world of creativity.


Join me on my adventure, and we’ll get inspired and take action together.

My Big Story with Christopher Swan

Christopher Swan (that’s me!) is on a big adventure with My Big Story podcast, literally on a plane, train, or automobile, traveling around the US (I’m aiming for the world!) speaking with inspiring people that are living a life of intention, creating a life they love, and offering all of us an opportunity to learn from their big stories. Through these interviews and stories, he uncovers their passions, purpose, and advice—and in turn, Christopher’s story unfolds, helping to bring new ideas and stories to the world. These are intimate, friendly, and thought-provoking conversations. The stories shared are as diverse as the guests, including Hollywood entertainers to social good advocates to small business owners to artists to corporate and nonprofits leaders, to anyone with a big, intentional story.


Season 2 introduces a new fancy production and additional storyline. New to the show? Start with season 2’s first episode, Mandi Camille Hauwet. 

A Selection of Past Guests


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A network and destination in the making

I created Accidental Information (AI), a growing media and entertainment company, to be the network for storytelling and creativity, that entertains, inspires and educates. It’s the place where My Big Story podcast officially lives. In the future, I’ll add more shows, stories, and resources, from me and other creators. My goal is to develop a space that helps all of us live a life of awareness, a life we love, and that celebrates creativity, dreams, and our uniqueness—through the power of entertainment. Because learning is better when it’s fun.