Hey everyone. I’m Christopher Swan.


I’m on an adventure discovering amazing people, meaningful stories, smart ideas, and loads of inspiration.

I’m forever curious. It’s what energizes me to uncover the wonderful mysteries that surround us—like, what inspires others, why do some people embrace their passions and others don’t, what would it take for people to feel like they belong, what does happy really mean, are creative people the only people that can be creative, and what are the amazing stories that bridge and intertwine our lives more than we know? But it’s not enough just to be curious.


I’ve set out on a new adventure, leaving my 9-5 corporate life. I’m now meeting amazing people around the world, hearing about their stories, seeing how people are creating a life full of intention, discovering new perspectives, finding the common themes, and helping me follow my passions and purpose.


Instead of just standing on a stage and telling you what I find and how my life is changing (but hey, I do that too!), I’m inviting everyone to come along with me on this adventure, as I create my big story. And when you join me, you’ll literally see what I learn, who I meet, and where I go. Seriously, this is a real adventure! But there’s one more thing.


I’m not just doing this for me. This is for everyone. I’m going to help us celebrate our uniqueness, find inspiration in unexpected places, spread amazing ideas, and discover the voices and stories that aren’t being heard. In the end, I want to help others. That’s really why I’m doing this.



Exploring and Storytelling

As a curious storyteller and explorer, I’m sharing my discoveries and telling stories in various ways—with a podcast, articles, photography, social media, and collaborating with others to share their stories.


Each week, I’m sharing the awesome finds (ideas, stories, and creative spotlights) I discover in the world to help spark imaginations. In the near future, you can look for a new video series (or two) to share a lot more goodness.


I launched Accidental Information, a company that inspires people to embrace their passions and uniqueness, to create a life they love. This growing organization hosts my podcast, weekly articles, a soon to launch store, and will continue to expand it’s offerings in the future.



Telling Stories with Big Brands

A little history lesson for you—I worked in communications and marketing for 15+ years for brands including Disney, LinkedIn, and Avery Dennison. My experiences range from content strategy to social media marketing to internal communication to content marketing and development. Not only have I worked with diverse audiences, I also connect the narrative from employees to customers and fans. See, I’ve always been a storyteller, no matter if it’s in front of the message or behind-the-scenes.



Full of Personality

Here’s the other thing you should know about me. I’ve been described as effervescent, a thinker, excitable, present, a funny guy, and obsessed with entertainment. Or just think of me as a blend of Chris Hardwick, Andy Cohen, and an older Tyler Oakley. At least that’s what I’ve heard. You decide.



Join me on my adventure. Check out My Big Story podcast.

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Each week I share creative spotlights, meaningful stories and new ideas to spark your imagination.


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