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Christopher Swan is a storyteller, explorer, creative, and an entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Accidental Information (AI), a startup media and entertainment company that inspires people to embrace their passions to create a life they love, by sharing stories and creativity, with a big side of purpose.


Christopher is most known for his creative projects, including his podcast, My Big Story with Christopher Swan, where he interviews guests from all walks of lives, from Hollywood entertainers to Silicon Valley executives to social good advocates to small business owners to anyone with a big story. The show has been described as “Inspiring, behind-the-curtain stuff!” and “Each story inspires me to dig a little deeper into myself; and I’ve been inspired to make changes in my own life because of this.”


Over the last couple years, Christopher made a career transformation, going all in to tell stories and share his experiences and discoveries with the world. In 2016 he launched his company AI, started his podcast, and began publishing weekly articles that share life and career insights, spotlights creativity, and inspires people to express their uniqueness.


In 2017, Christopher launched Christopher Swan’s Awesome Finds weekly newsletter, which curates creative and artistic work, new ideas and meaningful stories—helping his followers find new ways to make life a little happier.


Christopher has multiple projects pending, including a new line of clothing and accessories that share his messages of self-expression and optimism, launching spring/summer 2018.


Christopher is passionate about spreading ideas of optimism and diversity. He frequently connects with everyday advocates from the LGBTQ community and other diverse communities, helping to spread their positive messages and value to his followers. Christopher has interviewed prominent champions for diversity including, drag icon Miss Coco Peru, comedian Jen Kober, and LinkedIn’s chief human resources officer Pat Wadors.


Holding several communication and marketing management roles at companies with admired brands and rich engagement, Christopher has worked with organizations including The Walt Disney Company, LinkedIn, and Avery Dennison. He created and starred in Disney’s first employee-only web series, “On the Inside,” with a distribution of 135,000 employees globally, breaking engagement barriers around the company.


Christopher shares his stories and optimism with all that are interested. Christopher has been seen speaking at and hosting various conferences, including the International Association of Communicators World Conference, Melcrum’s Digital Communication Summit in Australia, and Disney’s SAP User Group Conference.


Christopher lives in the Sonoma County Wine Country.

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