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It’s more than just sharing. This is about spreading happiness and new ideas.

Amazing ideas and creativity are everywhere. And when we tap into them, they can inspire us to discover things we love, think differently, spark our imaginations, find a new way to belong, and in the end, fuels our happiness.


Here’s the thing. It’s not always easy to discover the stories and creativity through the noise we’re experiencing every day. Just look at our social media feeds lately. If we don’t find them, we miss out on new possibilities — connections we could make, ideas we could be part of, or even a craft we’ve yet to discover.


Why not help others find the local artists, percolating ideas, and interesting people we’ve yet to met? And could I help others grow and be happier just by sharing what I’ve been seeking out myself? That’s the idea.


Listen, I’m no motivational speaker or any other fancy title found on the internet. I just want to share the great stuff in the world that energizes me, to energize you.


When we’re sharing our thoughts and imaginations, we’re spreading happiness. That’s how I see it. And who doesn’t want to be happy? (Um, no one!)


If this sounds like you too, then join in.

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