My Big Story with Christopher Swan

Christopher Swan (that’s me!) travels the US exploring the big stories of unique individuals that have created a life of purpose and intention, a life they love—as Christopher’s big story develops as he goes deeper into this big adventure.


My Big Story with Christopher Swan

Christopher Swan is on a big adventure, literally on a plane, train, or automobile, traveling around the US (aiming for the world next!) speaking with inspiring people that are living a life of intention, creating a life they love, and offering us an opportunity to learn from their big stories. Through these interviews and stories, Christopher uncovers their passions, purpose, and advice—and in turn, his story unfolds, helping to bring new ideas and stories to the world.


These are intimate, friendly, and thought-provoking conversations with people taking chances, standing up for their beliefs, and carving out uncommon paths. Often, these stories are from unique voices that might not be heard, crossing boundaries of diversity and uniqueness, that inherently celebrate our differences.


Guests have included Hollywood entertainers to social good advocates to small business owners to artists to corporate and nonprofits leaders, to anyone with a big, intentional story.

Season 2 + All New Production

This season has a fancy new production that provides a different structure to the show, and adds additional flavor to the stories. Also, I’ve added a new storyline, mine. Now you’ll join me as I travel across the US, meeting unique people and discovering their big stories, as my story unfolds along the way.

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