Brands & Organizations

Let’s tell stories together. And I can help you reach new audiences.

With a consistently growing community and influence, and a genuine and positive approachability, I offer a meaningful way to connect with audiences. My background in communications and marketing makes it easy for us to work toward your goals.

Brand Sponsorships

I have a flourishing group of content and channels that reach audiences interested in living a great life, exploring their creativity, original storytelling, and celebrating diversity in the world. Sponsorship is available from one to all of these connection points.

Brand Content Partnerships

Original content and ideas can be packaged in my existing content and channels, or we can partner to tell your stories in unique ways tapping into my audiences across the internet.


Ask me in to help advise or even build our creative content and communication ideas. I’m available to help you strategize, implement and even bring your story alive with other partners.

Sponsor & Partner Opportunities

Share your products and messages to a growing and engaged audience, that are striving for a happier life in career, home, and in their passions. And my audiences specifically embrace equality and inclusion for all, with a strong voice in the LGBTQ+ community.

Opportunities include show sponsorship, newsletter/web ads, product inclusion, and more.

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Create Content Together

Connect with audiences to drive large engagement by creating original content with me, like podcast bonus episodes, a short series on Instagram, or behind-the-scenes stories of amazing careers.