I’m on a big adventure to create a world where everyone belongs.


Here’s how: I’m celebrating the things that make us different, inspiring each of us to truly be ourselves, and showing everyone how to use their power for good.


When you love you who are and your life is full of meaning, life is good. I want that for you.


That’s why I’m sharing stories, ideas, and resources to help us live an inspired life — especially for anyone who has felt like an outsider, or struggled to follow their dream, or every person who cares about changing the world.


My resources will make it easy for you to create a positive impact in the world, on your own, or through your business. And with a sweet ROI.


In the end and most importantly, I’ll help you embrace your uniqueness (it’s your superpower!) and think differently about our world.


Let’s create your big story together.
My Big Story with Christopher Swan

Christopher Swan (that’s me!) is on a big adventure! In My Big Story with Christopher Swan, I’m literally on a plane, train, or automobile, traveling the USA (aiming for the world!), interviewing uniquely inspiring people. I’m uncovering stories from voices that may not be heard, crossing boundaries of diversity, uniqueness, and beliefs — stories that inherently celebrate our differences. These thought-provoking conversations are with people that have taken chances and carved out uncommon paths. Through these interviews and stories, I’m uncovering ideas, dreams, and truths — and in turn, MY big story unfolds — to create a world where everyone belongs.


Guests have included social good advocates, artists, small business owners, corporate and nonprofits leaders, actors, musicians, chefs, drag queens, creatives, and anyone with a big inspiring story.


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A Selection of Past Guests

Executive Director, Kindred Spirits Care Farm


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I created Accidental Information (AI), to power my ideas and to reach more people. AI is a mashup. I’ve merged personal development with a media company. It’s heart lives with helping people be who they are, and with the media that can help us do it. Our stories and resources come in different packages to make it easy for you to find what you need. You’ll discover interviews of amazingly unique people, articles with actionable advice for life and business, and physical products to share your ideas and inspiration. But that’s just the beginning.

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